Ecoparadise Pail

Size: 10 liters

"Magic Pail" improves the quality of your drinking, speeds up fermentation to produce "fruit enzymes" in days, and multiplies the supply of your choice yogurt, in just hours! Use it as storage bins to eliminate or reduce odor of organic waste or dirty laundry.

How to Use

Ecoparadise Fruit Drink

Laundry Soap Powder

Cut l kg (without seeds and skin) of fruits into smaller pieces (for raisins, only 500 gm required) > add l kg sugar and 6 liters water in pail. Stir thoroughly with plastic ladle once a day > cover up pail lightly. Fruit drink is ready from 4 days > filter and store content in bottle when happy with the taste > keep in refrigerator.

Fruit Yogurt

Dish Washing

Cut fruits into small pieces > add 1 liter milk, sugar (optional) > warm in pan to about 40°C(not always necessary) > pour content in pail > add 4 tablespoons ready-made yogurt > cover lightly. Yogurt ready in one day > store in refrigerator > repeat process in the pail by adding milk and fruits to the unconsumed yogurt.

Ecoparadise Drinking Water

Car Washing

Add drinkable tap water in pail > store for 6 hours > use Ecoparadise ceramic ball to speed up process > refill with water as necessary. Ecoparadise water has reduced taste and smell of chlorine > makes coffee and tea taste better > cut flowers and plants last longer > wash / clean fruits, vegetable, fish, and meat with a pinch of Pirkare powder before cooking to improve taste!

Homemade Miso Paste

Pot & Pans (Metallic Cleaner)

Mix well, 2 kg Koji (malted rice) with 800g salt > separately, soak soy beans in water overnight > then, boil for 3-4 hours until beans are soft (can smash by fingers) > drain out water > keep boiled water separately > smash soybeans using a mixer or mincer. Mix content in ratio of 1:3 by adding 8-10 ladles of boiled water to smashed soybeans until able to shape into ball with hands > store mixture in pail and cover tightly. Mix miso paste well after one month. Miso is ready in about two months.

Overnight Dried Fish

Degreaser for Cooker Hood / BBQ Grill / Stove Top / Ventilating Fan

Clean fish (fresh fish such as mackerel, flatfish, others) and wash lightly > pour saline water (70g salt in 1l water) in pail and immerse fish inside the water for 30mins. Dry fish overnight in pail (outside air during winter is best) > protein of fish is fermented by good bacteria to become amino acid > taste and smell good > good condition of fish is kept longer.

Container for “Tsukemono” (Pickles)

Bathroom Window Grills Toilet, Bathtub (Porcelain)

Making traditional Japanese Nukazuke (vegetable pickled / fermented in rice bran and brine medium) normally requires pickles to be mixed everyday to ensure fermentation > this is not necessary for up to 7 days in Ecoparadise Pail. Ichiya Zuke (pickles made overnight) achieved in half the time > color of vegetable remains fresh > so, do not judge the process solely by its color!

Activated Sprouted Brown Rice

Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles (Mosaic, Ceramics, Terrazzo)

Lightly wash brown rice > store in pail for 1/2 day > drain water > keep rice in pail until sprout is visible > rice is ready for cooking.

Recovery of Organic Wastes

Trees, Plants & Flowers Growth Enhancer

No microbes required > cut larger organic wastes into smaller sizes > leave (even in plastic bags) in the pail > keep adding wastes without covering the lid tightly > vegetables and fruits become good smelling compost > our pail is officially recognized in Japan for composting organic wastes. Sprinkle Pirikare water to top surface of wastes that contaminate / rot easily, like meat, fish and Surimi food to prevent bad odor. Close the pail completely to begin anaerobic fermentation. Pail is good for temporary storage of dirty diapers, or used underwear.

ECO-PRODUCTS International Fair ( EPIF )
2006, Singapore

EPIF 2006, Singapore

Mr S Iswaran, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry (2006), Minister, Prime Minister's Office & Second Minister for Home Affairs & Trade and Industry (after 2011 general election), presenting to Mr Takanobu Unno, owner of Ecoparadise Pte Ltd (Singapore), the Gold-Award for Pirkare, our Multi-Purpose Cleaning Powder



EPIF2010, Jakarta

EPIF2010, Jakarta

EPIF2011, New Delhi

EPIF2011, New Delhi