Kojo Densetsu Cream

Packaging: 80gm, tube

Unique "wonder cream" made mainly of olive oil and ecoparadise solution that protects, helps healing, and enhances skin conditions. Relieves pain, numbness, muscle aches; is good for acne, scarring, cuts, and skin problems. Its antibacterial property keeps scalp healthy, encourages hair growth, and is also ideal as toothpaste.

How to Use

Laundry Soap Powder


Anti-Oxidant, Deep nourishment for the skin, Moisturize, Replenish nutrients, Refresh and rejuvenate, enhance elasticity, Firming and lifting, Excretion of dead epidermal cells, Unclog pores, whitening, Pore minimizer.

  • ■ as hand cream
  • ■ good for cracked heels and hands
  • ■ as moisturizer
  • ■ improves blood circulation
  • ■ hasten the recovery from bruises
  • ■ reduces and alleviate muscle pain due to over strain (back or shoulder pain)
  • ■ decreases pigmentation
  • ■ cut or wound surfaces dries and heal faster
  • ■ rub on scalp to improve circulation and promotes hair growth
  • ■ use for acne problems


Myristic Acid, Olive Oil, Glycerine, Stearic Acid, Hydroxide K. Squalene, Dimethicone, Glyceryl Stearate, Xanthan Gum, Lavender Oil

ECO-PRODUCTS International Fair ( EPIF )
2006, Singapore

EPIF 2006, Singapore

Mr S Iswaran, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry (2006), Minister, Prime Minister's Office & Second Minister for Home Affairs & Trade and Industry (after 2011 general election), presenting to Mr Takanobu Unno, owner of Ecoparadise Pte Ltd (Singapore), the Gold-Award for Pirkare, our Multi-Purpose Cleaning Powder



EPIF2010, Jakarta

EPIF2010, Jakarta

EPIF2011, New Delhi

EPIF2011, New Delhi