Cancer: Cured (updated: 4 Jan 2012)
Facts of the Case:

Sep 2003 - Cancer first discovered; sought alternative treatment; Jul 2007 - Stopped alternative treatment, started "deoxidation" therapy at Ecoparadise; Sep 2007 - Medical examination showed no increase in cancer activities.

Exerpt of Medical Report (Oct 2010) - Latest in Dec 2011 shows no deterioration (8 years!)

History: Right DCIS upper outer quadrant. Refused treatment - (no chemotherapy, no radiotherapy, no surgery).

Medical Report (Mammogram): Comparison with previous study dated 23/10/2009 - Region of architectural distortion in right upper outer quadrant is stable. Some of the rounded nodularities in both breasts appear smaller than before. There are no new architectural distortion or interval finding or suspicious microclacifications

Medical Report (Ultrasound): No solid mass is detected

Conclusion: 1. Stable region of architectural distortion right upper quadrant. 2. Bilateral breast cysts. No solid modules detected. 3. No new parenchymal distortion or suspicious microcalcifications are noted.

Original Testimony

In September 2003, I discovered that I had the initial stages of breast cancer known as “ductal carcinoma in situ”, or DCIS at the National Cancer Center. This was discovered through mammogram, showing there were calcium deposits (about the size of the head of a matchstick) in various locations. Biopsy confirmed the deposits were in fact DCIS. The recommendation then was either to go for a full or partial mastectomy, with 5 weeks of radiotherapy.

As I did not want to proceed with the recommended treatment, I looked for alternative forms of treatment. I attended a seminar conducted by a Dr. Justin Morais who offers an alternative form of treatment for my condition using the bio-resonance form of therapy. The equipment basically identifies and increases the energy levels where markers show they are low. The readings should be at least 50%, and my initial readings were as low as 20%.

In July 2007, it was Dr. J. Morais who asked me to sign up for at least 10 hot-bed therapy sessions at Ecoparadise before consulting him again. After I completed some 20 sessions, I returned to Dr. J. Morais and he found that all my energy markers were up to mark.

In September 2007, my mammogram at the National Cancer Center showed there were no increases in calcium deposits. At the marker point where the biopsy was performed, there were no more calcium deposits and, also, no evidence of the deposits present outside of the milk duct.

20 Aug 08
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ECO-PRODUCTS International Fair ( EPIF )
2006, Singapore

EPIF 2006, Singapore

Mr S Iswaran, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry (2006), Minister, Prime Minister's Office & Second Minister for Home Affairs & Trade and Industry (after 2011 general election), presenting to Mr Takanobu Unno, owner of Ecoparadise Pte Ltd (Singapore), the Gold-Award for Pirkare, our Multi-Purpose Cleaning Powder



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EPIF2010, Jakarta

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EPIF2011, New Delhi