Ecoparadise employs a method of "deoxidation" using a special enzyme produced by living microorganisms. Ecoparadise Singapore operates under the specifications of the facility operated and owned by Ecoparadise Co., Ltd in Japan. Our signature Hotbed Therapy supplies negative ions (antioxidants) in a high concentration to protect the body's cells from damages caused by free radicals - improving our overall health and well-being. The special enzyme that has been applied to a wide range of materials also enables all of our products to emit negative ions. At Ecoparadise, we believe in creating a kinder environment for the betterment of all living beings.

The wonders of Pirkare


Ecoparadise Sunflower Growth

Sunflower grown up to the height of 4m (with Pirkare)

Pirkare is made of recycled soybean oil, treated with Ecoparadise special enzyme and purified water. This unique all-purpose powder naturally cleans our environment as it cleans almost everything you can think of. Environmentally safe and friendly, Pirkare replaces the need to use many products with synthetic chemical agents, antibiotics, or antiseptics that are harmful to the environment. The name ‘Pirkare’ derived from the Ainu language that means ‘making clean’. The Ainu people established their lifestyle with high respect for nature, and consider that a God resides in everything in nature.

In agriculture, Pirkare works as a fertiliser, growth enhancer, natural fungicide and pesticide. Soil sprinkled or watered with Pirkare triggers the growth of good bacteria while repels free radicals, bad bacteria, fungi and viruses. Pirkare delivers negative ions to the plant and its surrounding soil – helping the plant to grow healthier naturally and improving the quality of the soil. Vegetables, fruits and flowers grown with Pirkare have been observed not to rot quickly.


Ecoparadise Sunflower Growth


Ecoparadise Sunflower Growth

Sewerage water in Okinawa, Japan
Application of 5g to 5 liters water, once per day