Ecoparadise Hotbed

Hotbed Therapy


The therapy rooms are built according to the stringent requirements from Ecoparadise Japan. The rooms were built following Japanese traditional construction method using special materials brought in from Japan that are almost impossible to find anywhere else.

The heat you feel as your body comes in contact with the tiles was produced by the water heater pump located beneath the floor. The heated water runs through a single continuous piping line across the floor.

All the different layers of materials underneath the floor has been treated with Ecoparadise solution. Although the solution inherently emits negative ions, the presence of heat makes it even more effective in releasing a very high concentration of negative ions into the air. Also, the solution helps retain the quality of these materials and protect them from rust.

Benefits of Therapy


ecoparadise hotbed
  • Promotes full body relaxation and better sleep
  • Improves blood circulation, metabolism, immune system and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Relieves pain, ailments and allergies
  • Manages cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Lower water retention
  • The therapy also provides relief to various health conditions including cancer, diabetes, lupus, eczema, insomnia, asthma and arthritis, among others*.

*All case studies are in the form of testimonies from our customers.

Ecoparadise Hotbed Therapy

How Hotbed Therapy Works


The heated specialised ceramic tile beds are built on top of hot water pumps. The heat from the tiles enables the deoxidation process that effectively restores our body.